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As you may remember from last week (poor show guys no reblogs :/ ) I’m using my Tumblr to help promote some of the awesome creator owned stuff I’ve discovered through the twitters.

This week it’s the turn of fellow scotsmen Gary Chudleigh (writer) @OR_comics & Graeme Kennedy (artist) @graeme_kennedy

Here is their website.

 At last weeks Thought Bubble Gary and Graeme released the final book of their Villainous Trilogy. Here is the official Blurb from the boys website.

Villainous is a crime thriller story, a dark and gritty tale of redemption and revenge. Scarred for life in a brutal attack when he was a young child, Victor Arkin became a crazed, psychotic murderer and terrorist. Captured and incarcerated in Straffen Asylum for the criminally insane for the past 15 years. Victor becomes aware of a similarly disturbed mind with a Villainous plan to attack the City.

And don’t worry the guys have been smart enough to release a triple pack with all three issues at a reduced price so there are no excuses. Check it out and spread the love.

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